SC10 4x4 Short Course Truck

Team Associated have released a 4x4 version of their wildly popular SC10 short course truck. These radio control (RC) trucks are powered by electric motors and battery packs. They are almost indestructible and can take a lot of abuse from the learner radio control driver or the seasoned pro racer.

The SC10 4x4 RC kits are available in ready to assemble form and easily put together with the comprehensive user manual supplied as part of the RC kit. This is a great way to buy it because you learn how they are put together and this helps when you need to maintain it in tip top condition.

Check out the SC10 4x4 specifications for an even better idea of just how realistic Team Associated have managed to make these short course trucks.

Team Associated offer all the spare parts you could need and plenty to SC10 hop up parts and accessories to upgrade your buggy. There are plenty of adjustments to make for various terrains and the suspension, gears, tires, wheels and many other things. Part of the fun of using one of these radio control trucks is they you can tune them for better performance just like real cars. The good thing is they don't cost the same price as real cars!